Nobody you know (the_phred) wrote in 1970s,
Nobody you know

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Amanda Lear, "Alphabet (Prelude In C By J.S. Bach)", 1977

This is my alphabet.
Because time goes on and things are changing in my world, here is a new alphabet for the children of my generation.
Of course, all these words have a meaning for me, but other generations might find a different mood to their world.
My alphabet goes like this:

A stands for Anything,
and B for Bionic, and Bach.
C stands for Claustrophobia,
and D for Dirty Old Man.
E stands for Everyone,
F is Full-Frontal, and Friends.
G, of course, stands for Getting A Divorce.

H now stands for Hijacking
and I for a King-Sized Ego.

J now stands for Jukebox and Junkies,
K is for those who Kiss and Tell
and Video Ladies dance with L.
Naturally, M is for Me,
and N is for Never Again.

O is for that Famous Story, mm.
and P for Pain and Poverty.
Q stands for Quality, which is better than Quantity,
R stands for Rock And Roll Fan.
S is Sexy and Sad.
T drive them Totally Mad,
and U are Everything to Me.

V stands for Little Voodoo,
and W for Where? and When?
X sounds Extremely Mysterious.
Y is a Question I keep Asking
and Z, dear child, for the Zero you will get,
if you don't learn my alphabet.
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